Logistics and Storage

Receipt of goods

The telematic reception of the order / packing list or of the data flow by the supplier / customer, even before physically receiving the material, allows to simplify various operations such as quality control (if foreseen by the customer), coding with the system barcode (which allows you to store all the information related to that item), and the storing.

Location in store

Your goods will be placed in a location of our warehouse through our management, using optimization criteria of our software, so as to facilitate the paths for the piking, based on the movement of the product and other variants.


The picking operations are carried out once drafted the picking lists in our management and can be entered directly by our customers, with the dedicated passwords, or created by us on your order. The picking lists indicate with maximum accuracy the quantity and type of product to be collected for each customer.


In the packing phase the goods are checked again for the last time and the most suitable packaging for your goods is created (packages of various sizes, pallets of various sizes and types, crates etc.). We offer a variety of customizations on: strapping, adhesive tapes, shrink wrapping for pallet packing.


The last step is to ship the goods according to your needs; our national and international shipping services are carried out through the main operators in the sector, with daily pick-up services and guaranteed transit time. We are also able to offer you deliveries throughout Europe.

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